The Upside Life

Connect & integrate your mind + body + soul

Empowerment & Embodiment through integration of mindfulness based movement, interpersonal neurobiology, epigenetics, energy psychology & vibration healing

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I passionately help people create new physiological, emotional, and cognitive responses to live life in a new way.


Integration of techniques.


I incorporate interpersonal neurobiology, epigenetics, TCTSY, Brainspotting/hypnosis, EFT, energy psychology, energy medicine, mindfulness training and meditation to assist people in their personal transformation.

I work with children, adults, couples, and groups.

People work with me to transform their experiences of anxiety, depression, sleep, stress, trauma, self-sabotaging behaviors, performance anxiety, athletics, as well as for spiritual development, and to increase self-worth + life satisfaction and increase consciousness.


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One of the key ingredients as I work with people is to teach them about Embodiment. We can cognitively know information, but until we have a felt sense experience of it, our life doesn’t shift or transform.

It’s like knowing what might be healthy to eat yet continuing to choose other options because their isn’t yet a felt sense connection, or embodiment, of the type of eating habits you’d like to practice.

Experiential learning is a part of every session and every class I teach. Want to join in the Women’s Embodiment Course? Or do you prefer to start by working together one-to-one and want to schedule an initial session or complimentary consultation call?

What about Joy + Happiness?


Joy + happiness + gratitude are higher vibrating emotions. Meaning, when we are experiencing these emotions we are vibrating at a higher frequency. All emotions have their own frequency, and we can become patterned to tune into and experience a full range of frequencies. Shame and guilt are some of the most dense and low vibrating emotions there are.

So what do most of us do about that? We distract ourselves from feeling it because when we do actually let ourselves feel them it feels so bad. What if you were able to be aware of and change the vibration of your frequency? Together, we can growth your consciousness and raise your vibration so that more joy + happiness can be experienced.

Want to try a sound bath as a way to experience different vibrations & frequencies? Check out the Feb 8th Self Love Sound Bath.

Expand your Athletic Abilities & Performance.



Get shorter shallower slumps, expand your performance, release unconsciously held fears, and uplevel your ability.

Having experience as both an elite level athlete and coach, I genuinely relate and empathize with athletes. I am happy to help you on your athletic + personal path.


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Experiences from a few others ~

I was in awe at the physiological and emotional difference Gretchen helped to create for my patients as she gently, and ever so sensitively, guided them through their first Body Based Therapy experience.
— Dr. Gray, Licensed Psychologist
“Gretchen’s insight in to the human condition is truly remarkable. Her sessions have introduced me to new ideas on how to cope with my ever busy and always stressful life.”
— Erik
Gretchen’s enthusiasm for healing and teaching shines through in each of her sessions.
— Janell
“It takes a village to do most things—including keeping your body healthy. The difference Gretchen makes with the work she does is tremendous.
— Katrina
She helped me gain confidence. Gretchen is truly genuine. I have always felt that she has my best interest in mind and wants to see me succeed in all endeavors. Gretchen is inspirational and I highly recommend working with her wherever you may be in your journey!
— Becky
Gretchen’s innately strong and accepting presence enables her to encourage self-growth in others. I whole heartedly encourage anyone who is looking for an opportunity for self-acceptance and self-growth to work with Gretchen as it will be an experience of a lifetime.
— Janiece
Gretchen’s presence exudes happiness; she brings this joy to her teaching and to everyone around her.
— Jaspreet
“Gretchen’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for helping people experience overall well-being is inspiring and transformative! She naturally creates a safe space to experience the mind/body relationship and to release the tension and stress that holds us back from being truly happy and healthy.”
— Jen
“Professional and genuinely cares about helping her clients! Gretchen helped during pregnancy. I cannot express enough how thankful I was for her care and attention to details. She has a calming presence. I’d highly recommend Gretchen, especially for any other pregnant mamas!”
— Lori