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About Gretchen & Program

Gretchen's background is a perfect combination for working with gymnasts - she has been involved in the sport for the last 26 years. Gretchen competed as a level 10 for 7 years, has a skill named after her, and earned a full scholarship to the University of Denver where she was a member of the dean's list and the DU Gymnastics team that finished ranked 10th in the country athletically and 2nd academically. She went on to be a collegiate Head Coach, started the newest NCAA program in history, re-instated a collegiate program, and coached the 2008 USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championship team as well as individual Floor Champions.

She continues to work with gymnasts throughout the country in a new way, proving a much needed tool - Body Based Therapy.

Gretchen holds a Master of Science degree and studied Cognitive Neuroscience and Kinesiology.  She spent time studying yoga in India, attended a yoga training in Amsterdam, is certified as a TCTSY-F, and has been working working closely with athletes for the past 9 years. She is an expert in Body Based Therapy as a way to help people re-wire their brains and feel confident and safe in their bodies. Gretchen incorporates her extensive gymnastics knowledgeyoga training, biofeedback, proprioception, breath work, mindfulnesssensorimotor therapy, TCTSY-F certification, and neuroscience in her programs.


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What Others Are Saying

I was in awe at the physiological and emotional difference Gretchen helped to create for my patients as she gently, and ever so sensitively, guided them through their first Body Based Therapy experience.
— Dr. Gray, Licensed Psychologist
Gretchen’s enthusiasm for healing and teaching shines through in each of her sessions.
— Janell
“It takes a village to do most things—including keeping your body healthy. The difference Gretchen makes with the work she does is tremendous.
— Katrina
She helped me gain confidence. Gretchen is truly genuine. I have always felt that she has my best interest in mind and wants to see me succeed in all endeavors. Gretchen is inspirational and I highly recommend working with her wherever you may be in your journey!
— Becky
Gretchen’s innately strong and accepting presence enables her to encourage self-growth in others. I whole heartedly encourage anyone who is looking for an opportunity for self-acceptance and self-growth to work with Gretchen as it will be an experience of a lifetime.
— Janiece
Gretchen’s presence exudes happiness; she brings this joy to her teaching and to everyone around her.
— Jaspreet
Professional and genuinely cares about helping her clients! I cannot express enough how thankful I was for her. She has a calming presence and I’d highly recommend Gretchen.
— -Lori