An Ode to Fall


As we begin this week with our clocks set back an hour we might have a shift happening internally.  Perhaps we are going to choose to get out of bed when the sun rises and begin a morning workout routine, maybe we will go to sleep earlier each evening because it's been dark longer outside and it's beginning to get cold.  Perhaps we want to eat warm soothing foods and stay inside more often?  As we are in fall we are in transition.  There is always some sort of transitioning happening, today we can talk about our "ode to fall."

Fall has a lot to teach us about transition and impermanence.  If asked a lot of people state that fall is their favorite time of year. The reason usually is not because it proceeds winter, in fact a lot of people dread what happens after fall - winter is more something they put up with rather than look forward to.  So why is that fall can be enjoyed and revered so highly when it's followed by their least favorite season?  What is fall teaching us?

Fall teaches us about slowing down.  About transitioning from high energy external focus to a slowing, centering, moving inward focus.  It's less about evening BBQs and more about the latest pumpkin bread we baked or latte we enjoyed.  Our social lives tend to slow as we enter fall and we begin to be near those that we are closest to more often.  As fall rolls around we have snuggle outside around a fire and roast marshmallows, we hang out with friends at pumpkin patches, and we take road trips to see the fall colors.  It's less about large social gathers and more about quality time with those we love during this season.

Let's talk about Leaves.  The beauty of the changing leaves.  We can see the leaves changing, sometimes in progression and sometimes (as with aspen leaves) it seems to happen over night.  Leaves teach us how to let go.  The leaves turn their most vibrant color and bring joy to those around us and then they fall to the ground and the trees are bare.  The leaves are not sad that this transition must happen, they do not wish to hold on longer than natures wants them to, they are fulfilling their role and doing as they were made to do.  And as for us?  Are we able to let go in that fashion?  As the seasons change in our lives or we blossom internally are we will to fall from the tree and transition?  Or do we cling and hold on?  Do we know when it's time to let go of a relationship?  A pattern or habit that doesn't serve us?

Fall brings in new winds from all directions.  We can literally feel the winds changing around us as we notice the leaves colors and the impermanence in life.  Summer doesn't last, seasons change, leaves fall, temperatures drop, and what do we do in the middle of it all?  Are we will to let go and move on?  Do we try to control things that are not within our control?  Do we realize that we are part of a bigger cycle??  Do we feel hope and a knowingness that new leaves will grow or do we feel we will be barren trees forever?  Do we trust in the beauty of life?