Jump in the car!

Yesterday seemed to be a day for noticing.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that there were ways and things I wasn't feeling great so it was time to take a step back and figure out what exactly was going on so I knew how to move forward.  I've found this to be much for productive then giving in to feeling bad, acting irrationally out of my emotions, regretting it later, and then repeating the whole cycle again.  I'm working on being in my cortex part of my brain rather than my limbic brain more regularly.

 So yesterday I had my feelers out for what was bothering me.  Want to know one of the main things?  How spread out and distant everything feels here (here being the USA and here being Evergreen, Colorado).  The places are spread out, the people are spread out, and they way in which a community once acted and functioned is so completely and in some parts totally spread out.  No longer do we know our neighbors and spend time with them but even farther than that when we are spending time with the ones we do love we are still distant looking at things on our phone (what's more important on your phone than one of the people you love most right in front of you!) or being deep in thought about none other than OURSELVES or our own situation that there isn't room for us to listen or care about what's going on with the other people.  Not a great recipe for connecting.  In fact in some instances it has become so much the norm that it would take a sweeping changes for those people to be able to connect again.

Personally I do have connections and for that I'm thankful, but what was bothering me yesterday is how spread out they feel!  In order to spend time with some of my closest friends I have to drive 25 minutes each way for a minimum driving commitment of 50 minutes!  Almost an hour on just driving.  Whoah!  Not how I want to spend my life.  So then the question is, how do I want to spend my life?