Let there be Light

[Disclaimer: this is a different type of post]

May this inspire & encourage you today.  This is for you. Maybe you say this to yourself.... from yourself. Perhaps a way to let there be the light ignited within you. Maybe this is a way for you to meditate. Repeat after me.

I am a believer of dreams.  I am a seeker of souls.  When I walk into a room I can feel the luminous glow of others energy.  The radiation is palpable.  If I let it, it will seep into me.  It will take over me.  I stay strong.  I give of energy and I hold mine sacredly inside.

Turquoise blue waters wash beneath my slender eyes.  The glow of yellow rays dance behind the cage of my heart.  Deep within my being is my soul.  They talk, they laugh, there is freedom and lightness there.  It is airy and playful with iridescent wings.

When I am alive I light the world on fire.  When I am numb I feel caged and trapped and told what to do and who to be.  I've been told many times in many ways what to do.  Who to be.  No more.  I am me.  I have a purpose.  I have a soul.  I have a reason.  Only I know it.  Others with skills can guide me.  Ultimately it is just me, me and my soul, on this journey together, just my soul and me.

Who I am is beautiful. I can stop apologizing for not fitting into the box others might want me to be in.  I can be "unrealistic" because what's realistic for them might not be what is real for me.  We are different.  Allow space between me and others.  Allow space inside of me.  Speak the language of my soul.  Be the bearer of good news.  Share with the world.  Speak the truth. Hear the soft voice and follow it.  Go towards it.  Get the glittery eyes.  You are on the right path.  You are on your path.  To magnificence.  To being amazed and being amazing.  It will be the light inside you.  Keep the ego in check.  Use your gorgeous energy for atomic creation.

Be the person you were created to be.  Step into the light.  Step into the love.  Remove conditioning.  Be free.  Follow your soul, your spirit, your purpose.  That's the brilliance.  That's the purpose.  Awaken that something inside - awaken your soul.


Sending you joy out into the world today and joy over to you as you are on your path~