Lunar Love and Feminine Energy


Have you ever noticed that as the moons waxes and wanes so does the energy within you?  If you work at a hospital or in a healing profession you might notice a shift when the moon is full.  What some call grandmother moon, regulates the rhythm of the tides in our oceans, do you think there might be a lunar effect within our mostly fluid bodies?

I'm aware that for myself there are definite shifts that happens and cycles I tend to go through. Of course there are many things that contribute to this - there is the moon, the cycles of the seasons, and the cycles of my menstruation, and on a grander scale the cycle of my life.  In what ways do you notice the cycles and seasons of your life?  Are you in flow with them or do you resist.... and therefore the things you aren't so fond of persist?

We have a new moon cycle upon us.  This is a great time to go within and spend some time reflecting.  What's working for you in your life?  What would you like to shift?  Are there some things you are ready to bring to closure so the next cycle can begin?  The new moon teaches us that within the darkness we can go within to search and seek space.  From the space of our heart, or our gut brain we may be drawn to what we need or what we want in our lives.  The answers may come when we are still and listen.  And from there we can set our intention for the next 28 day cycle of the moon to create shift and change in our own life just as the moon shifts and changes. 


When we fully delve into this process of listening to what we want/need we are using our intuition and flexing our intuitive connection.  Intuition is a deeply profound and powerful feminine force that we all carry inside us. In connecting to our feminine energy we are able to connect with all that is. We are able to see the big picture. We are able to create. We are able to come into balance.

Perhaps it would be helpful for you to spend some time with yourself during this next new moon. To listen to the different messages calling to you from within. To come into balance with the source of your feminine energy and power and to do it within the magical grace of the lunar cycle.

If you'd like, you can join me here to receive energy meditations, rituals, and other guidance towards your own inner light.