Simply Snowing


Okay so I know I live in Colorado and I know that it's December, but this morning I woke up and looked outside and gasped!  Snow!  The entire sky was white!  Where were the reds and pinks I was used to seeing as the sun was rising?!  Oh my gosh winter seemed to be here in a flash and along with that came the cold, cloudy skies filled with white flurries. I was feeling a bit dramatic this morning as I'm sure you can tell.  What did I do next?  

As cozy and warm as I was snuggled up in my bed I forced myself to swing my legs around and gingerly step onto the cold carpeted floor.  Snow or not, I was ready for this day.  I let my dogs outside who where just as excited as ever to get a chance to go outside, relieve themselves, and most importantly look over the railings do some sniffing and keep on the hunt for other animals on what they considered their territory. What I noticed was that the weather did not stop them, change them, or change their demeanor.  Why then is this not the case for some humans?  Why do we let the changing weather change our moods?  Or is it really just our thoughts that are changing our moods? Maybe the fear from the lowest part of our brains?

Rather than staying in the moment and enjoying seeing the flurries float down the sky most of us jump forward to how cold it will be getting out of the shower, or how inconvenient it is to scrape off our car windows, or how much longer it will take us to drive to work in this weather.  Well then OF COURSE our moods get sour.  When we are living from this fear and future oriented part of our brains we begin to feel defeated and our body language and mood completely reflect this. Our thoughts follow.

Yes, with the changing weather things will change.  So what?  Can you change the weather?  No.  So might as well enjoy it and welcome in the change each new day brings.  In fact, remember how excited you were as a child when the first snow came?  It was magical!  The world looked completely new and changed and in fact it was.  Well, guess what - that newness and excitement still exists and you can tap into it!  You can begin to live with the excitement of a child just by bringing yourself into the present moment.  (Yes I make this sound nominal and simplisitic here when in fact our futuristic fearful thoughts are a form of torture for some of us.  I truly believe in my heart of hearts that everyone has the capability to make this shift).  One day you will see....and I cannot wait for that day to happen so you can shed your light on the universe!