The Road that Guides us

This is a bit of a continuation of my last post, The Struggle is Real.  What I have for you today is a little poem that I put together about the beauty of the breakdown, of being ripped open and raw, and slowly putting yourself back together ... so you can be a stronger and more inspiring you. 

A poem

I sit and ponder.
I sit and think.
For so long all I've done is shrink
     and shrink
          and shrink.

My spirit felt weak my soul sad and lost
Around my heart there stood a cold and distant frost
It was unwelcome and unwanted
but in unawareness it formed
I knew there was a long important journey I must embark on
in order to be transformed.

I struggled in my own chains I struggled in terrifying pain
My nervous system shut down
and constantly I felt shame.
Time for change, time for growth, 
time to create a new personal path and begin to feel my hope.

A journey of grace, compassion, new perspectives, and purpose.
One of insight wisdom and openness
Most importantly one of self connection.

I took time
I soaked in sun
I read
I wrote
I sang
I slowly felt a sense of personal affection

Nights and day, weeks and months
Slowly uncovering pains of past and changing their meaning and power over me
With effort and concentration and loads of self-reflection
This journey felt long and unending
and I learned it involves a lot of surrendering

My path had been full, my heart had been brave
now noticing the signs that it was time for change
Why yes, it was true
Their was much more that I craved

I jumped off the cliff, I abandoned old beliefs
I began to slowly unwind all that somehow used to be defined

So afraid of the unknown, so afraid to be unknown.
Time for a rebirth, time for past attachments to be blown.
I wobbled, I struggled, I slowly built strength.
The beautiful universe gave me lessons
       on lessons
            on lessons at length

People came and people went
There was love and loss and heartache and tearing apart
Insides ripping open, tearing, expanding, shredding wide and vulnerable Growing, strengthening and ever deepening
This was my new start.

We know our growth, our battles, our wounds are never easy and aren't always beautiful and we also know that we go through them and come out stronger.  Our struggles help shape us.  Our struggles give us the ability to have empathy.  Our struggles are the road that guide us..... to a better self and to a better world <3

Love to you on your own journey.  I'll be here cheering you on and sending you all the strength and encouragement in the world!