Why on earth would I collaborate?

How much of your life have you spent comparing yourself to others?  Your family, your looks, your intelligence, etc.  However much time that has been, it is too much.  We do not need to compete with others so much, we need to start to collaborate. Why?  So we all can have a place in this world, live out our purpose in this world, and be filled by the collective energy of community.

When we believe there is not enough we are living from a place of fear & scarcity.  Guess what we get when we live like this?  We get more fear, and we get less in our lives than we are intended for. How do I know this?  Because I have been there, I have done that.

I used to compare myself ALL THE TIME.  Now, I find myself doing it occasionally and I check myself back into the reality. I remember that we all have a purpose or we wouldn't be here. While we might have similar gifts or services to offer, we all have an individual way of expressing it, our own personal purpose. AND sometimes our purpose can get propelled into action by the collaboration with others.  

Collaborating is living from love rather than fear.  Knowing that there is enough.  Of Everything. (yes even time & money)

So how do we re-position ourselves for this collaboration and oneness when we have had a lifetime of competition and constant encouragement from the 3000 ads we see per day to compete?

1.  We notice it.  We notice when we are in scarcity mode and competition.

2.  Stop & breath.  It's seriously amazing what the effects of consciously breathing can do.  In this case it can calm us down so we can feel positive love and attachment feelings rather than the basal feelings of fear and shame.

3. Try listening to your heart.  Is there a sensation in your chest when you think about collaborating?  What about when you feel afraid?

4. If you still have that soft voice inside of you then listen to the clarity and wisdom as it guides you towards working with others and strengthening each other.

5.  Maybe feel some real and genuine love for yourself.  From loving ourselves we are able to love, see, and accept others.