Company Culture

Organizations, companies, and businesses represent more than a workplace. Within all groups there is a culture created by people, people that have families and lives that impact the culture of our world.  Does your organization add to the lives of its members or add stress that they bring home to their partners and children? Happy people increase profits, productivity, and bring a more creative edge.   

Ways I can serve your organization

Quarterly training - I will come to your workplace and teach your managers or employees or both ready to use tools to decrease stress, improve overall life satisfaction, and mental clarity.

Individual - everyone has a little different way of learning and need different tools and personalized attention.  Working individually with clients yields fast and lasting changes for them and the company.

8-12 Week Courses - this is an outstanding way to change company culture.  This involves weekly sessions combining education as well as experiential learning for true transformation. Movement is crafted to all health levels.

Monthly groups - I will come to your office each month with new topics of growth and transformation so your employees feel the best they can personally and begin to show up professionally in new ways