Journey to The Redwoods & Mount Shasta

California, USA

September , 2019

Travel is a way to step out of your every day life and experience a sense of presence and wonder. It’s a magnificent training tool for mindfulness and an opportunity to experiment with trying different lenses on for viewing the world.

All that’s required of you is showing up.

The Redwoods

Experience the magnificent grounding and deeply masculine powers of the Redwood trees. These ancient trees are an access point for healing at the root – or foundation – of the fears in our lives. This can be things like money, worry, anxiety, stress, self-worth, etc. Many of our deepest wounds reside here and you have the opportunity to shift and heal as much as you are ready to. You always have a choice on these journeys.


Redwood trees are deeply rooted and grounded into the Earth, yet they reach upwards towards the sky and the heavens. These magnificent trees have their own stories to tell, if you’ll take the time to listen. On this trip I will open and hold space for you to connect with these trees and the surrounding spirit of nature. Take time to fully land and be in your body in a way that feels safe – a coming home.

 Mount Shasta

Once this healing has occurred and there is greater presence and connection to your body, we will travel together to Mount Shasta. Different sources have different descriptions of her. Some say this is the root chakra of the planet and some say it’s the crown. Chakra’s of the planet are points where energy is coming in. You may have heard of energy vortex’s in Sedona - there is an overlap from Sedona to Mount Shasta that creates a vesica piscis sacred geometry symbol.

There seems to be a strong connection with Glastonbury, UK. Come and feel for yourself and see what you notice. Do you feel more grounded and one with yourself? Do you feel more connected to the higher intelligence and wisdom available to you? You know, the one that tells the tides when to change, the flowers when to bloom.

Mount Shasta is considered the holding place of St. Germain which is the violet flame. This is a sacred place that can be used to come and ask questions. It’s a place to heal and regenerate and go to whatever that next level is for you.


Magic is everywhere if we have the eyes to see it.

Journey with me to California to witness magical moments and connect with the part inside of you that is asking you to go.


Get Grounded & Connected

Surrounded by the ambassador trees of the planet, the Redwoods, and in the energy of the Violet Flame on Mount Shasta creates this amazing blend of being grounded and connected. Being able to bridge your human body with your higher self and soul in order to activate the ability to live a life of purpose and pleasure.

We will be visiting the oldest growth Redwoods trees on the planet and soaking in mineral springs that come directly from Mount Shasta. There will be stops along the Redwood highway to view the Pacific ocean and the rugged coastline as well as going up and around Grants Pass in Oregon.

Being grounded means being able to be in your body and feeling comfortable there. Grounding happens with there is a flow of energy from your mind, to your heart, to your body. It’s the opposite of feeling anxious or stressed. It’s calming and soothing.

Connecting means to your higher self - to your longings and desires that are part of your blueprint - and to that intelligence that teaches us through nature.

Break the Cycle

Break the cycle of the past. Change the patterns of your ancestral lineage. Much of our unconscious patterns comes from the unconscious programs that are passed down from generation to generation. Thinking back a few generations in your family - what are some of the hardships that were endured? Those neurobiological pathways that were created during that time are likely still showing up in your neural networks today. We unconsciously play out the stories of the past limiting our ability to really show up and shine as the person we are today.

This trip is about cleansing, clearing, and healing the base energy center that is about safety, security and survival. It’s about bringing in a sense of belonging and feeling supported on this planet and in your body. The energy available at these locations assists in the ability to shift old patterns with safety, ease, and grace.

Itinerary Outline

Saturday September 7th

Travel day to Redding & evening welcome

Sunday September 8th

Drive to Mount Shasta & spend the day here. Panther Meadows if open

Monday September 9th

Enjoy day 2 at Mount Shasta & experience the Mineral Springs using a native american healing tradition

Tuesday September 10th

Take the scenic drive to Grants Pass, Oregon. View the spawning salmon and possible venture to Oregon Caves National Monument. Sleep in Grants Pass.

Wednesday September 11th

Drive to Northern California Crescent City. Stop at the scenic overlook at Patrick’s Point. Check out Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Thursday September 12th

Drive further south on Redwood Highway - make scenic stops along the highway as desired and go to the Eureka/Humboldt area. Take a guided tour to the old growth groves and the salmon spawning.

Friday September 13th

Continue to the journey by visiting the Avenue of the Giants. At this location it’s possible to drive through a tree!

Saturday September 14th

Conclude the trip by finishing the circle and driving back to Redding. Enjoy a farewell dinner and event before departing the next day.

Sunday September 15th

Travel from Redding back to your final destination. Travel to your final destination will be arranged by you.


Pricing includes all park entrance fees, lodging, and arranged events and activities during the trip. It does not include transportation to and from Redding, California or food. Some lodging locations include breakfast and for other meals we may offer an option for us to pack you a healthy lunch. However, because of the many different styles and restrictions of peoples diets, it seems best to have food be on your own at each place we stop.

Registration includes a $400 non-refundable deposit. Full payment of the trip must be made 30 days prior to the trip by Thursday, August 8th at midnight. You may make the full payment during registration, or anytime between registration and August 8th.


I am SO looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

Please note there is a $400 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your spot at time of registration.

Once you book your flights/arrange your transport to Redding please share them with me so I can coordinate schedules and airport transport as needed.

Getting There

Arrange travel to Redding California. You may fly into the Redding Municipal Airport (RDD) or you could fly into Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and arrange transportation to meet us in Redding.