Our bodies can be a sacred and powerful place to process and receive intuitive information. In fact, the body is our processing center - for emotions, thoughts, experiences, sensations, perceptions - life

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What happens though, when our body hasn’t been a safe place for us? When we have felt like it has betrayed us through anxiety or panic attacks? Or how we have constantly compared our-self to others’ bodies and felt a deep sense of unworthiness? How about when we have received body shaming from a parent, coach, partner, or peer? Or those times when eating was the only comfort no matter how our body felt? Those that have experienced traumatic injuries, physical or sexual abuse often have a changed relationship with their bodies thereafter.

The result of these experiences is often a loss of connection between mind and body that can show up as anxiety, panic attacks, disrupted sleep, and chronic stress, and a changed ‘felt sense’ of our lives. Can you relate to any of these?

What I’ve found can be one of the missing pieces to feeling whole and balanced is embodiment. Join in this wonderfully designed Embodiment course to create a new relationship with your body and a greater mind body connection. When we have a sense of embodiment we bring all the information into one place, our body (which is our processing center) and make it easier for us to digest ideas, recognize and change patterns, as well as connect more strongly to our intuition and ‘gut instinct.’ We can release things that may have been stored and stuck from our past and move into our future from a more grounded and centered place.


Over centuries, women specifically have gotten very mixed signals in regards to embodiment. This course is designed for anyone ready to have a newly empowered sense of embodiment, a connection with their body that feels safe and sacred, and a home where they can feel centered and grounded. Embodiment is the connection of our mind and spirit within our body in a balanced and harmonious way. Embodiment allows us a sense of agency and discernment. So often we are taught to think only with our heads & our minds and we leave out one of our most powerful aspects - the wisdom of our bodies.

This Embodiment course differs from cognitive therapies in that it integrates strategic bottom-up processes by inviting a person's attention to internal sensations, both visceral (interoception) and musculo-skeletal (proprioception and kinesthesis), rather than primarily cognitive or emotional experiences. 

“Evolutionarily ... if there had been no body there would be no brain”
— -Antonio Damasio, Neurologist

This course will be using the governing principles of Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (Click here for more information) as well as ancient healing techniques, education, and insightful prompts. Each evening will have a theme towards the cumulative culmination of embodiment. You will be invited to create or re-create a relationship with your body through movement, invitation, education, and inspiration. Rather than an emphasis being on what one is doing specifically with their body, the invitation is more to practice experiencing your body in the present moment.


The traditional senses (sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing) are essentially external: They collect information from the outside world. When we are able to experience our bodies in the present moment while moving our bodies through space, it can help change our internal processing systems such as interoceptive brain pathways and proprioception thereby leading to a greater sense of mind body connection. Without this we don’t have as much of a sense of “self.”

Interoception refers to the process by which the nervous system senses, interprets, and integrates signals originating from within the body, providing a moment-by-moment mapping of the body’s internal landscape across conscious and unconscious levels. Interoceptive signaling has been considered a component process of reflexes, urges, feelings, drives, adaptive responses, and cognitive and emotional experiences, highlighting its contributions to the maintenance of homeostatic functioning, body regulation, and survival. Dysfunction of interoception is increasingly recognized as an important component of different mental health conditions, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, addictive disorders, and somatic symptom disorders.

As we interference our mind and body (EMBODIMENT) we create a stronger possibility to experience G.R.A.C.E. Research participants experienced this on a measurable scale.

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This course is for you if you experience any of the following:

  • Women who suffer from anxiety, stress, and panic attacks

  • Women that have experienced or are currently experiencing body shame

  • Women that worry, overthink, get super stressed, or live in their thoughts

  • Women that have experienced physical trauma via injury, car accident, sexual abuse/assault, birth trauma

  • Women that have had disordered eating, a poor body image, or feel uncomfortable in their body

  • Women that have experienced trauma, PTSD, or complex trauma


No previous experience required.

Price: 3 monthly payments of $149 or $447

Live Recorded Sessions: I will happily give you access to the sessions as well as the course workbook. While it’s recommended to participate on a weekly basis, it is a self paced class, and you’re welcome to go at whatever pace works for you.

Add on Option: If you’d like to have live access to sessions with me throughout the course, I’m happy to schedule those with you. It can be a great way to process things as they come up or to dive deeper into subjects that might resonate with you.

It’s time.

The winter months can be a great time to “hibernate” and go within. This can be a time for self-reflection and contemplation. For going within in order to bolster your energy reserves and be ready for new life as spring arrives. We can be in sync with the rhythms and seasons of the cycles and amplify our own intentions.

The feminine energy is rising on the planet. How can you embody that energy and carry it forward? Join this group of other women and move, and be moved together.

 Themes of each class

Note: all classes involve body movement, (aka embodiment) so please dress in a way that feels comfortable and appropriate for movement.

Week 1: Embodiment: Our body is our home. About intuition and gut feelings. Set Embodiment Intentions. Intuition and the role of the mind.

Week 2: Proprioception & Interoception

Week 3: The role of our skin and power of our beliefs. Order of operations for receiving information.

Week 4: Womb Healing & recovering self critic

Week 5: Self Love

Week 6: the Heart of it all: the Electromagnetic Field and Intelligence of the Heart. Connection & empowerment.

Week 7: History of women’s bodies throughout the ages and the imbalance of masculine & feminine energy

Week 8: Two aspects of the Divine Feminine clearly defined.

Week 9: The 4 elements introduction. Beginning with earth, grounding, centeredness

Week 10: Water and the emotions hidden below, our own underworlds & shadow aspect

Week 11: Air and the mind, mental attitude and chatter

Week 12: Fire: transformation power, passion, purpose, presence