Frequently Asked Questions


The initial session is an intake where we go through your goals, background history and previous treatment information. During this time we will set the markers for you to measure the effectiveness of treatment and to pick a treatment plan that best meets your needs. I'll answer any questions you might have and explain my philosophy and approach.  

what does a typical session look like?

Everything is invitation based and tailored to each individual and their treatment plan and approach. If there is ever anything that you did not like or find helpful I am open to the feedback so we can work together and find what resonates for you. There are over 15 different treatment approaches that can be used during sessions ranging from sitting and talking to laying and receiving a treatment.

How often do i see you and how long are sessions

There are different treatment packages to choose from. All sessions can be done in person or remotely via video or telephone.

How many sessions will it take

Because we are unique individuals there is no set amount of sessions.  You're welcome to go through as much transformation and self growth as you'd like.

what type of people do you work with? 

I work with children, adults, and couples, as well as groups and organizations.  


Anything that is comfortable to you and that does not restrict movement.

will it hurt?

No!  This is about caring for yourself and relieving pain and suffering.  The goal is healing and wellness not pain. Pain is our guide and an important indicator signal for us to be able to recognize and then practice taking effective action. 

clinically proven effective

To read the research on TCTSY click HERE.