Sometimes the thing we need most is supportive listening - someone to reflect back to us what we are really saying +want. Immersion is all about that. This experience is all about feeling fullness and freedom and having the courage to step into the person you yearn to be. It’s about feeding the part of you that keeps saying there must be more to life than this, or that you know there is another way you’re just not sure how to get there.

Spend 2 nights and 1 full day with me at my home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Immerse yourself in the exploration and clarity of you. Define your journey and cultivate your path with passion.

Be Nourished

This carved out time and space is dedicated to your joy, freedom, and creative expression. We may practice ways of connecting with the deepest parts of yourself and nourishing your very being. This can include time together in the forest, hiking, walking around the lake, divination cards, energy healing, sound healing, movement, meditation, creative expression, ceremony, etc. It’s all about you and filling your well with clarity, vision, and love.

Tailored to You

This experience is all about you. Are you looking for -

  • Clarity in who you are

  • How to show up more authentically in your work

  • Rejuvenation and connecting to your joy

  • Safety and permission to shine

  • Vibrant and whole-hearted living

  • Balance and harmony through all part of your life


The experience

Spend 2 nights and 1 full day with me at my home in the foothills of Colorado. This experience includes -

2 nights of lodging

Homemade meals

Ceremony and ritual

Movement & Meditation

Time in Nature

Healing sessions

Sound & Vibration therapy

Recognizing and celebrating your gifts & talents

Meet Aria, my dog. She is a hypo allergenic malti-poo that would love to love on you!

Meet Aria, my dog. She is a hypo allergenic malti-poo that would love to love on you!


Location: My home in Evergreen, Colorado

*I will send you the address once you’ve booked the experience

Payment: one time payment or 2 payments


Once this booking is made, there is no reimbursement (unless there is an extreme emergency), and if any rescheduling needs to occur it must be done 1 full week before the scheduled time.


Example Itinerary

The first evening will be all about getting settled in and acquainted with each other. I’ll send you to bed with a wonderful tea elixir so you may sleep sweetly. In the morning we will enjoy movement and meditation together followed by a home cooked breakfast complete with home roasted coffee or tea and fresh squeezed juice.

We will move into morning session and work towards what you really want to get out of this experience. Following this, we will go on a hike together to connect with nature and ground in prior session. Upon returning from the hike we will have lunch followed by contemplation time.

Our next session with open with a ritual or ceremony before we dive more deeply into creating an action plan for you. This may sound different than it actual is. Action steps are about restructuring and creating new - and sometimes less doing is better.

Concluding this we will enjoy a wonderful dinner followed by time to enjoy a sound healing session. This helps to anchor in all that was done during the day. We can finish the night off with a cup of hot tea and chatting by a fire or out on the deck.

The next morning I will send you off with blessings and gifts to assist you on the next stage of your journey <3