Align to the rhythm of the moon


The moon is constantly phasing in and out in a cyclical fashion. There’s the waxing and waning phases in between the full and new moons. The new moon is all about beginnings. It’s about setting the tone for the next cycle. This moon circle will focus on the energy and celebration of the new moon. It can be a time to draw in and find clarity around what you really want. The moon is powerful - so powerful in fact, that it changes the tides of the ocean.

Since our bodies are mostly made up of fluid, and fluid is influenced by the cycles of the moon, there seems to be a good chance that we also might be influenced by the moon. With intention and awareness we can begin to understand and relate to this and flow more effortlessly with the tides of our life via the cycle of the moon.

Attune to your cycles

Participating in moon circles is a way to attune to cycles and the cyclical nature of life. As that attunement happens it may open new spaces to begin to recognize some of your own cycles. For example, males and females both have cycles that happen with hormones, as well as cycles throughout their lives. Males cycle every 24 hours whereas females cycles last approximately 28 days (the moon cycle is 28 days in length. Often the moon is considered to be more related to feminine energy and the sun is considered masculine.

You wouldn’t try to plant strawberries outside in the middle of winter, would you? This same thing can happen when we try to plant seeds in our life out of timing with the cycle we are in. If you were able to predict and recognize and plan for what cycle you were about to be in - do you think you might be able to feel more in flow with your life? Perhaps more like you are prepared and can maximized the different phases?

We are cyclical beings


We live on a planet that thrives and operates with seasons and cycles. Nature shows up cycles in so many ways. Each species has it’s own life cycle - you can look at plant life cycles, human life cycles, butterfly life cycles, and the interaction of nature & human life cycles. There is a literal season for everything. If something is done outside of it’s season the results are hindered or perhaps nullified. Season and cycles matter. Timing matters. Rhythm matters. Your cycle matters and the way you are influenced by the cycles around you matters. Using the moon cycle is a way to intentionally tune into cycles and that are part of your very nature as we explore of the cycles of nature thru the moon and her phases.

Moon Wisdom

Moon wisdom is


The Triple Goddess Archetype


The triple goddess archetype represents the different phases of a female life cycle. The symbol, to the left, is used a representation showing the full moon and crescent moon phases.

Maiden (waxing moon): represents youth, the promise of new beginnings & expansion, and enthusiasm

Mother (full moon): represents fertility, stability, sexuality, and ripeness

Crone (waning moon): represents wisdom, often service, authenticity and truth, and endings

Benefit of Gathering in Groups


When we gather in groups, everything is amplified. If someone that is also on the call has an issue happening it can bring that issue to the surface to you. When someone shows up with gifts and talents it can create more space and opening for you to recognize what your gifts and talents are. Everything is amplified and magnified and there is a healing component to circling with others.

Whey do I say circling even though its a virtual group? Because circles are all inclusive and no part is higher than or better than the other. It takes away the hierarchical structure of a pyramid and make it more like a pie and how we each have a piece to contribute. Through this contribution we are able to bond together and help each other rise rather than feel like there is not enough or argue among each other.

Convenient Virtual Experience


In effort for inclusivity I’ve opted to create this as a virtual experience. This allows for freedom and flexibility. If you aren’t able to join the live video, you can follow allow afterwards with the email link that will be sent out.

These monthly circles will be hosted using Zoom, a free service for you to use. You are welcome to choose to join with or without video, from your phone or from your computer. I will send an email each month with a link to join the live event. The recording will then be emailed out within the following 24 hours.

Your level of participation is completely optional. There will be space for questions and sharing if that’s your gig or listening and reflecting if that’s more your jam. We can be mirrors for each other and each person has value and what they have to share is valuable to the group as a whole, no matter their role. Because, truly, all the roles are important.

Monthly Circles

This moon group is about have a place to be guided through rituals and experience the moon and the energy the new cycle is offering. The intent is to gather souls together to share their experiences and wisdom in order to be fully seen as well as giving and receiving support. It’s about gathering in the group energy and feeling nurtured and supported. Each circle includes an energy healing component to optimize the current moon cycle.

How it Works

Click the button to Sign up & you’ll get directed to a registration page. When you’re checking out, you’ll create an account. Each month your credit card will be charged $10. If you decide to opt out, just sign into your account and edit your registration.

There will be a link sent out so you can join the live call at the designated time. Just as the moon cycles and fluctuates, so will the day of our calls. You’ll get an email letting you know when the next call is before the link is sent out. Again, if you aren’t able to join live that month you’ll be able to access the recording.


2019 New Moon Dates

  • January 5

  • February 4

  • March 6

  • April 5

  • May 4

  • June 3

  • July 2

  • July 31

  • August 30

  • September 28

  • October 27

  • November 26

  • December 25

Optional Moon Box


Each month I’ll carefully curate and craft a box of items to send with love. These are items that can be used for different rituals, ceremonies, connecting to the divine, etc.

This service will be $25/month and include one box per month

Example items: incense, palo santo, smudge sticks, moon candles, crystals, jewelry, etc.