Heavenly Pistachio Milk

Pistachio milk is a treat that I make from time to time and add to my masala chai  and use to add to my coffee when I was still drinking coffee daily.  In the fall I love to add it to my spiced pumpkin tea.  It's an incredible combination!  Pistachio milk has a flavor that is all its own and does a lovely job at frothing too.  This delicious milk is slightly green in color and adds true decadence to any beverage.  In fact, it can even be enjoyed on its own.... it’s THAT good.


1 cup raw shelled pistachios

4 cups filtered water

Optional Variations:

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon raw honey


1.  Rinse the pistachios

2.  Add pistachios + water to blender and optional variation of your choosing

3.  Blend on high 

4.  Separate and remaining pieces out with a fine mesh strainer

5.  Enjoy on its own, with masala chai, or in a latte


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