Independence Salad!

This salad is vibrant, colorful, filled with zest + bursting with flavor.  It is perfect to eat as we celebrate the 4th of July holiday and the Independence for the USA - or any other time this summer!

The dressing is a combination of grapeseed oil and fresh lemon juice making it light and refreshing.  Adding the different nuts and seeds give you more nutrients and keep you full longer without overeating.

I love to use ingredients that are in season and grown locally - it's a great way to save some money because they are usually on sale, as well as to be sure your body will be able to absorb the nutrients fully. This salad meets all the criteria for me! xoxo


Raspberries - handful

Blueberries - handful

Apple and/or Pear - 1/4 

Pecan pieces - 2 Tablespoons

Avocado - 1/4 per salad

Chia seeds - 1 tablespoon

Hemp seeds - 2 teaspoons

Pepitas - handful

Lemon - juice from about 1/2 of a lemon for 2 salads

Grapeseed oil - approximately 1 Tablespoon per salad

Salt & Pepper to taste

Salad greens of choice - I used spinach + leaf lettuce


Add all ingredients to a large bowl in quantity of choosing and enjoy this delightful and refreshing Independence Salad!  I listed the approximate amount I use per salad, but feel free to change it to fit your individual tastes - and the ingredients you have readily available.  The dressing is about 1/2 lemon squeeze generously over the greens and the grapeseed oil drizzled on the top.  I tend to go heavy on my toppings as you can see from the photo so feel free to add as much of the nuts, berries, and seeds as you desire!  Enjoy my friends :)


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