While I wont give out names or identifying information unless given permission, here are a some examples of real results from some of the people I have had the privilege of working with

When the medical model failed a late 20's male

After working with multiple doctors including a naturopath, a late 20's male got to a stuck spot.  The blood tests where changing much so he decided to work with me.  From the work we did together he saw the biggest change in his lab results and blood work and his doctors couldn't believe it.

Woman feeling overwhelmed and unhappy with her life and herself

Working together has helped her gain a new appreciation for herself and the life she has - and the strength and fortitude to create more of what she loves in her life.  She is able to both live in, and enjoy the moment.  


In working with the parent and two of the children the dynamics of the family have completely turned around. Her message to me "I have been using some of the techniques that you've taught me and it is AMAZING!!!! All the children have been responding in such a positive way, especially the most difficult one.  I've only had to ask once for something to be done and it's been done with enthusiasm. My tantrum throwing son has been calm and is so affectionate.  Thank you." Next she is scheduling a session for her and her husband to regain intimacy.


This person has ADD and had an ongoing history of having tantrums and meltdowns.  He was also being bullied at school.  Our sessions together helped him be able to focus and concentrate, reduce his overwhelm, he no longer has meltdowns or tantrums, and he had the confidence to address the bullying at school - which no longer happens. 


Safely learned how to relax, what relaxing means and feels like in her body, and the ability to be calm when she chooses.  The pain in her body decreased and she feels more vibrant than she did a decade ago. 

young girl having trouble falling asleep

It used to take her about an hour and a half to fall asleep and now it takes only about 15 minutes.

Young woman with tremors in her body

This young woman began having tremors in her body and could not figure out why.  After working together with me as well as a psychologist she uncovered some information from her past that she had repressed.  Through our work together she was able to release the stuck emotions from her body and move forward in her life and her relationships.

Woman with history of abuse within an intimate relationship

Working together helped her release her shame, self doubt, and suffering.

Young gymnast with fears and lacking confidence

She began to feel comfortable with who she is, what her abilities are, and is now able to work through her fears.  Skills now come easier to her and she is able to work through adversity.


Balancing school and being a competitive athlete this girl felt a lack of balance in her life and was constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  After working together she has gained a greater sense of her strengths, the ability to calm herself, and a new found confidence of who she is.

Woman with slight constipation

After our session was relieved!

Middle Aged man with history of sexual abuse

After two sessions together had a remarkable improvement in his ability to cope with the recall of past traumas... that had been unacknowledged for most of his life.


Phobia of needles and had to have intensive chemo-therapy.  Before having a radiation I did a phone session with her and she couldn't believe how much more settled she felt.

Middle aged Woman with pinched nerve in neck

Had a pinched nerve in her neck that was relieved after one session - without me making any physical contact with her

Young woman grieving the loss of her father

Able to release some of the grief that was being held in her body and feel a sense of peace inside.

Infertility issues with a woman in her late 20's

After trying to conceive for 2.5 years, enduring constant medical testing and procedures and having IVF and adoption as the only alternatives left, this woman began working with me and within about 6 months she was healthily pregnant without any medical assistance :)