Sound Healing Event

Thursday, September 19th 7-8:15 pm

Give yourself the gift of time for self care and reflection on a Thursday evening (maybe bring a friend or partner with if that adds to the self care feeling) to rest and absorb the vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls as well as an angelic sounding steel tongue drum.

The energy focus of this event is BALANCING DUALITIES such as masculine/feminine, push/pull, do/be, fire/water and all that’s in between.

Crystal Bowls


As humans, we have crystalline structure in our body. It’s found in blood as well as our bones. By playing an instrument made from quartz crystal, there can be a powerful resonance that happens in the human body and a new level of order and organization can take place due to the natural law of entrainment.

These bowls are then specifically tuned to the major energy centers of the body. These energy centers are swirling vortexes of energy that both pump energy in and push energy out. By using different tones and frequencies, these energy centers can have the opportunity to begin to function at a more efficient state.

Sound Healing

We are sensory beings and sensitive to sound and vibration. All living things are made up of tiny particles vibrating very close together. This can be done in harmony or discordance. The overall vibration can be felt by others - it's the vibe we feel from people and animals.  Emotions also have their own frequency to them as shown in the picture. Listening to the singing bowls which are turned to higher vibrations may entrain you to a higher vibrational state as well.

Different emotional states have different measurable frequencies. It’s the “vibe” we get from a person, situation, or place.

Different emotional states have different measurable frequencies. It’s the “vibe” we get from a person, situation, or place.

Possible Benefits of Sound Healing

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Join the fun!



Thursday, September 19th from 7-8:15pm


Full Moon Books & Event Center

9106 6th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215


$25/person - Advance registration

$30/person at the door

What to bring:

  • Mat or blanket of some sort for laying on during the sound event (yoga or other) - think comfort!

  • Pillows/blankets/camping pads to be comfortable laying on the ground

  • Clothes that feel comfortable for resting

  • Hydration is important, bringing a water bottle is recommended as well as coming hydrated

  • You’re welcome to bring an eye mask so you can journey inward during the event

  • Some people bring extra bottles and jugs of water to absorb the frequency of the sound and drink it throughout the next few days to amplify the benefits of the sound healing.

Meet Gretchen


I recognize the connectedness of us all and passionately inspire people to take action towards the lives they desire. I believe that it is possible - for you, for me, for all of us.

I bring depth and devotion to transformation and healing.

I support people not just on the level of mindset and thought processes, but also deeper healing and integration on a multidimensional level. It’s whole person healing process to come into awareness of wholeness. A true fusion of the physical with the spiritual.

I’m an active student of the transformation process, and am constantly seeking to understand the deeper systemic and ancestral implications of the individual and group challenges we face today, and weave this into the work I do and being I am.

This is an invitation to soul nourishment and devotion to your growth.

Meet Phil


Phillip is a second year medical resident at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree and practitioner of many different energy healing modalities.

He was a Osteopathic Principals and Practice Pre-doctoral fellow at Rocky Vista University, did a month long practicum at the Arizona Institute of Integrative Medicine, trained with a Taoist and Buddhist Grand Master in Ibiza Spain, and has been trained in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Biodynamics, and Osteopathic Manipulative treatments.

Phil enjoys the healing arts and playing the steal tongue drum as a way of using sound and vibration as an alternative method of healing.

Will you join us?

New to sound healing?

Let me fill you in a little bit…

  • At this event, most people will be laying down with their eyes closed listening to the sounds around them and possibly even feeling the vibration

  • The room is often really low lighting, with small lights around the singing bowls

  • Sometimes people fall asleep or go into that place where you’re not quite awake and not quite sleeping

  • It can be helpful to remember that you will be on the ground during this event in stillness - so whatever helps you be more comfortable, bring that!

  • Some people bring camping pads and cozy blankets and socks, and someone recommend an eye mask too!

  • This is a place and space of non-judgement that is about being open to a new experience.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask either Gretchen or Phillip - or if you feel comfortable you could ask your neighbor too!

  • Because this is an event about vibrations, you could bring extra jugs of water to absorb the vibrations from the instruments in order to highly highly vibrating water to drink over the next few days - it’s like charging it up!