Connect & belong in a meaningful way

This is an opportunity to show up and be seen in a group for who you truly are and exactly where you are in your current life.

When we gather in groups, everything is amplified.

We are wired for connection.

We are literally neurobiologically wired for connection (meaning we care what people think of us) and have a universal need for belonging. This community is a way to experience community, connection, and belonging. It is an opportunity to be guided through rituals and experiences and to dive deeply (piece by piece) into the cyclical nature of us all.

Natural Circles

There are no straight lines in nature - by circling we get back to our very nature.

Look to the shape of the sun and the moon, the way birds build nests, and the circular motion of the rising and setting of the sun and the motion the moon traces across the sky. There are circles in puddles as ripples are made and the growth pattern of trees and rocks are circular.

Plant cycles and life cycles have held close associations to us with the rhythm of a circle - the never ending pattern of life. There is a weaving of seasons, circles, and cycles throughout all of life. By noticing this thread we have the opportunity to “know thyself” in a deeper way.

We Circle because…

I specifically chose the word circle (even though it’s a virtual group) because circles are all inclusive and no part is higher than or better than the other. It takes away the hierarchical structure of a pyramid and make it more like a pie and how we each have a piece to contribute. Through this contribution we are able to bond together and help each other rise rather than feel like there is not enough or argue among each other.

Moon phases

Just as we go through phases in our life, so too, does our moon. She has a dark phase that births into a new moon which begins to wax towards the full moon and once that is reached there is a waning period before she once again returns to the dark phase before beginning the journey again.

There is a beauty in noticing the harmony of circles and the pattern of cycles. A deep reverent understanding we can felt within the depth of our being as we connect to the thread that weaves all of life together.

Our cells can begin to enliven as they return to there natural state of cycling without guilt or shame. As the moon has her own flow and rhythm, so do we. It’s time we connect from there. It’s time we connect from within.

We are Cyclical Be-ings


Together we will explore the contrast between doing and being. We will look at the cycles in our own lives. We will learn to accept what is and cultivate what we want.

Our planet (& all of life on it) flows in seasons and cycles. There is a literal season for everything. What season of life are you in?

Seasons and cycles matter. Timing matters. Rhythm matters. Your cycle matters and the way you are influenced by the cycles around you matters.

Attune to your cycles & bloom


Males and females both have cycles that happen with hormones, as well as cycles throughout their lives. Males cycle every 24 hours whereas females cycles last approximately 28 days (the moon cycle is 28 days in length. Often the moon is considered to be more related to feminine energy and the sun is considered masculine. Though some say the sun is the feminine in her power. What do you feel?

If you were able to predict and recognize and plan for what cycle you were about to be in - do you think you might be able to feel more in flow with your life? Could you trust more in the timing of things and maybe even optimize each cycle according to phases?

Moon Wisdom

the Moon is





and you can be too.

Coming together


The very act of coming together can be both stimulating and harmonizing to your being.

By being in the presence of others we are reminded of things - about our self.

This is a gift. Gathering in community creates space for each individual to rise & as each person begins to choose courage over comfort it gives others permission (and perhaps inspiration) to follow what lights them up.

I believe we all are here for a reason. That each of us has a unique gift and essence. When we come together and share space it’s like creating a work of art with each persons essence making an impact.

Join from anywhere


The beauty of a virtual experience is the freedom and flexibility it brings. Using Zoom (a free service for you), we will have live monthly calls. You can join with your phone or a computer. You can join with video or audio or both.

You’ll get an invitation with the date & time to join around the new moon. If you aren’t able to join the live video, you can participate afterwards via the recording that will be sent out.

Your level of participation is completely optional. There will be space for questions and sharing if that’s your gig or listening and reflecting if that’s more your jam.

We can be mirrors for each other and each person has value.

Community & Connection

This community is a way to experience community, connection, and belonging. It is an opportunity to be guided through rituals and experiences and to dive deeply into the cyclical nature (piece by piece) of us all.

The intent is to gather souls together to share their experiences and wisdom in order to be fully seen as well as both giving and receiving support. It’s about gathering in the group energy and feeling nurtured and known for your true essence. Each circle includes an energy healing component to optimize the current moon cycle.

How it Works

Click the button to Sign up & you’ll get directed to a registration page. During checking out, create an account so that each month your credit card will automatically get charged the $10 fee. If you decide to opt out, just sign into your account and edit your registration all on your own.

WHAT: Soul Circle Community for support, guidance, and connection

WHEN: Monthly calls near with some additional wisdom and guidance sprinkled in as guided

PRICE: $10/month

HOW: Sign up & you’ll be invited to join the live Zoom calls - and emailed the recordings afterwards :)


Optional Moon Box


Each month I’ll carefully curate and craft a box of items to send with love. These are items that can be used for different rituals, ceremonies, connecting to the divine, etc.

This service will be $50/month and include one box per month

Example items: incense, palo santo, smudge sticks, moon candles, crystals, jewelry, books, etc.