Becky, Co-Owner Urban Herbs

I'll admit it, I was a "groupon yogi".  I would pick it up here and there, sometimes going once a week, other times stretching every ounce out of the month's worth of classes I had paid for, before taking a couple months hiatus.  I would stick to the middle of the pack, or, on the tough days, find my spot in the back of the room, hoping the instructor wouldn't try one of those fancy "face-the-back-of-your-mat-moves" where I would inadvertently end up at the front... please no!  Over the past couple of years I completed graduate school and opened a small business.  Needless to say, my schedule seemed to be all over the place and it was difficult for me to find time for exercise.  My goal was to get back into a healthy regimen and find a coach that would help me do that from both a body and mind standpoint.  To me it was important to find the right fit and Gretchen seemed to innately understand that.  She helped me gain confidence in my poses.  She allowed me to make mistakes, while challenging me to be better.  She encouraged me to understand that it is not about where you stand in a yoga studio, but rather where you head and heart align.  On a personal level, Gretchen is truly genuine.  Working with her, I have always felt that she has my best interest in mind and wants to see me succeed in all endeavors.  When I leave a session with Gretchen I feel as though I got my body wrung out, my mind refreshed, and undoubtedly, new seeds of big ideas planted in my head!  She's inspirational and I highly recommend working with Gretchen wherever you may be in your health journey!