Janiece, Occupational Therapist & Peace Corps Volunteer

Gretchen’s innately strong and accepting presence enables her to encourage self-growth in others. She has a wonderful ability to give personalized attention & productive feedback in a group setting, and my experiences with her one on one sessions and conversations are nothing short of inspiring. Being able to facilitate the type of thoughtful conversation and self-reflection she does are frequently qualities only found in exceptional life coaches. It is apparent that Gretchen has an investment in helping others not only explore their physical abilities but to help individuals identify his/her comfort zone, find the borders of it, and look/venture beyond it by giving reliable, trustworthy tools.

In practicing yoga under her guidance, I have found that her flows are not only fantastic but the details in her transitions are outstanding. The ability to take a pose that is more comfortable and then transition it to a more challenging pose without creating room in the individual for self-doubt about a potentially more difficult pose is magnificent. In her acceptance of the essence of the pose and what your personal experience will leave you with, she is true to what potential individuals have on a daily basis. Those things coupled with her ability to break down a pose and complete an activity analysis on what is required for certain asanas is top notch.

I whole heartedly encourage anyone who is looking for an opportunity for self-acceptance and self-growth to attend a individualized sessions or a retreat from Gretchen as it will be an experience of a lifetime.