Travel & Retreats around the World

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Why Travel & Retreats


Traveling is a way to remove yourself from your current day-to-day life and habits and be part of a new environment. This switches your brain from an unconscious state of being to a more aware and mindful state. This gives you an opportunity to experience life and yourself in a different way.

These trips become more about the experience and the being, than about the going and the doing. It’s traveling as a way to spend time with yourself, to really get to know & accept yourself.

We experience the world through our senses, both inner and outer. These trips are intended to be activating and invigorating to your senses and your soul - awakening to a new way of being.

These travel experiences become visceral body memories that can be re-played and re-experienced even after the trip has concluded and your back in your daily life.

Spend time with Yourself

Be Captivated by the wonder of pure presence

Step outside of your normal routine & invigorate your life

Experience the way different land and cultures feel to ultimately learn more about you

Expand your horizons  

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