The world needs you - and the world needs me

Today some of my friends from yoga school started a conversation in the comments section of a friends post on facebook.  Her post was about how she feels like she is getting her butt kicked now that she's back home and how she is working on balance & staying connected and  keeping a good attitude through adversity and how important it is to maintain her yoga/meditation practice.  Her journey was the 6 week course in Rishikesh, India for her yoga teacher training certification, then a vipassa meditation in nepal, and then studying aurveda in a different part of India.  The conversation we [friends from the yoga teacher training, YTT, program]  started on her post was about the struggle of coming back to the western world after having spent time in India working on ourselves, our perspective, and how living in the laws of nature flourishes everything in every way.  The question has been then, why are we struggling being back in our daily lives?

It seems to me that the reason most of us felt pulled to do our YTTC in India was because we were wide open, hearts ready to expand, lives ready to be shaken twisted and turned around.  While in India we could feel it happening, we leaned in, we learned, we loved, and we felt.... a lot.  Now here we are back in the lives we had left behind, and while it seems like so much has changed for us {our hearts, our perceptions, our awareness} it seems like not much has changed back in our "life".  This is something that some days feels like it is motivation for us to shine that much brighter, while on other days it feels a bit gloomy and like we want to go back and be surrounded by our yoga family again and feel warmth of their love, acceptance, and transformation on our skin.  Which is why we would say that it is has been a bit up and down coming back.

It's difficult to change, that is for sure.  When you are in an environment where growth & transformation is the goal the results are absolutely stunning.  The next part?  Well the next part is where the work begins.  It is so important to bring others with on your journey.  It is so important to have connected with yourself during that transformation and also openly connected with others - since we are all one.  Through that connection you can get through the full transformation you are after.... after the retreat/training is over.  

We must work to be in connection with ourselves.  We must be who the universe intended for us to be so we can share our gifts with the world & spread love.  When we are back in our daily life it is easier to fall back into old habits.  Habits which most likely do not serve you and therefore do not serve others.  Remember the light inside you - remember how strong, compassionate, and joyful you are.  Keep your eyes vividly open so bright to the future, so bright to the joys of this world.  Journal often and speak to yourself kindly and softly.  You are beautiful, pure, and rare.  Keep that charm.  We all need you.  The world needs you.  The world needs me.  We are all needed to be our true selves.  Start your journey if you haven't, stay strong on your path if you have.  Remember always - You are needed - to be you. <3

This blog is all about being open & sincere and sharing my journey.  I would love to hear about your journey in the comments section below.  Are there things you're currently working on?  Are you in a bit of a rut?  When was the last time you did something to grow your soul?  Ever been on a retreat?  What was your experience like after returning from your retreat?