The Struggle is Real

Yes, my friends, you heard me correctly... The Struggle Is Real.  The struggle to find ourselves, to be ourselves, to keep our hearts open to the world and our souls filled with passion.  Do you sometimes forget that we all have internal struggles and battles? Sometimes our social media feed looks a lot everyone else's life is perfect and blissful along with their bodies and their partners.  Social media is used as self promotion ads in many ways.  When you look thru you can start to feel insignificant and sad about your own life not measuring up - similar to looking at magazines.  This is not the truth and does not need to be your truth.  Of course we all have real life struggles, today let's talk about how the struggle is real.  

We all struggle.  Yup, I said it.  ALL of us.  Our struggles might look different and we all have different thresholds, but.... we all have struggles.  This is fact.  This is real.  The question is - how do you handle it?

Have you ever looked at others and compared yourself or your life and felt like a complete loser?  Were their moments/days/weeks where you didn't see much hope?  I am here to tell you that there IS IN FACT, HOPE. There is hope for us all and there is hope for the world.  There are so many amazing and positive changes happening each day, inside different people and communities.  This is where we find our strength and encouragement, this is what helps lead us in the direction of our own purpose.

Remember this, the struggles we go thru help us.  That's right, they are in fact a type of "blessing."  For example, the universe is amazing at telling us when we have accidentally gone down the wrong path.  This shows up in different ways and on different levels depending on the detour we need to take.  It can be a physical illness, maybe just a cold or maybe something more.  It can be falling on a run or bike ride or getting in a car accident when we were unaware of our surroundings.  It can even show up as the ending of a relationship that doesn't serve us but one in which we desperately wanted it to work.  The universe lets us know it's time for a rest, it's time for contemplation, and it's time for a new path.  It says to us, "hey honey, it doesn't seem like what you are doing is working, do you want to try something else?" 

The blessing portion of this comes from the lessons we learn, the strength we develop, and the perseverance we call on.  We can choose to pity ourselves and get stuck in this dark place (and when that happens "bad" things keep happening to try to jerk our attention in another direction) or we can go through the pain and come out stronger on the other side.  Take for example a broken bone - when it is healed the bone that had broken is actually STRONGER than it was before the break.  Our bones heal stronger to protect us for next time, and we grow stronger as well.   This is the analogy of us.  We can come out of our battles being stronger, able to give more, and on a path of purpose.

My encouragement for you today is to continue where you are in your journey and know the strength and light you have inside of you.  YOU have a purpose for being here on this earth and your path will lead you to it..  You will become a pillar of strength.  I believe in the importance of friendships and truly supporting other beings.  When we are on our healing path we can surround ourselves with those that love us and feel their encouragement as we are on our path of getting stronger.  Our path to getting stronger is not comfortable or fun, but remember to keep hope.  Remember that you can choose to evolve and define yourself by your ability to adapt and thrive not on the things that have happened in your life.

Keep going,

keep growing,

keep the light in your being.

Shine bright my friends.

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